Australian Adoption Pod - My Unknown Truth

Episode 25 - Brendan's story

February 15, 2024 Nadia Levett Season 3 Episode 25
Australian Adoption Pod - My Unknown Truth
Episode 25 - Brendan's story
Show Notes

When Brendan was eight years old, his parents told him he was adopted. In his late twenties, he found out the identity of his birth mother – but she wanted nothing to do with him.

 For thirty years there was only limited communication with his birth mother, and he knew nothing about his birth father. It wasn’t until 2018, a DNA test led him to the truth: 

'After decades of searching, Brendan discovered that his birth parents were a Catholic priest and a nun.

His ‘Memoir which was released in August 2023  titled “Tell No One' explores the questions, anxieties and reflections arising from this hidden past..

Brendan is the son of a missionary priest. His father had studied in a Trappist monastery in Ireland, had a career as a house builder, was a Bondi Lifesaver, a trophy-winning ballroom dancer, was a landscape painter, met Mother Teresa and toured the world. 

Take a listen to this interview I did with Brendan in November last year. .

 Brendans memoir is an astounding story full of scandal, deception and coercion which had been uncovered over decades, it was a truth that must be told. 

If you would like to know more about Brendan and access his book head to 

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